As a small business we feel it's important that we do as much as we can to look after our planet. We have carefully sourced our packaging items to ensure that they are sustainable and recyclable.

Our mailing bags are eco friendly and are made from a 100% recycled material, once you've finished opening your new jewellery make sure you pop them in your recycling bin. Our printed boxes are fully recyclable - we also think they are pretty cool and would make a great jewellery storage box. Our jewellery gift boxes are made from recycled card and we always carefully secure everything with shredded paper. Your jewellery may sometimes arrive with little plastic ziplock bags, we intend for you to reuse to store you jewellery in. They are a great way to reduce tarnishing, scratching and tangles in your jewellery box.

If you do not require any gift boxes, please add the 'reduce my packaging' listing to your order.